Peter Rabbit Nursery Facilities

Indoor Play Area

The indoor play area is light, airy and spacious. Its great layout of different learning experiences which are designed so children can move freely from one learning area to another.  Displays and storage are easily accessible for children encouraging them to make choices and become independent. 


The dramatic play area allows children to take on roles and try out new ideas, such as community helpers or acting out family themes. Children use their imaginations as they cooperate with one another and they practice self-care skills as they try on dress-up clothes.


Great block areas contain a variety of materials to spark curiosity and exploration. Children use the block area to explore how things work; they build, tear down, fill, dump, stretch, reach, balance and create.


Toys and games allow children to develop important thinking and puzzle solving skills, social skills, and fine motor skills.


The art area provides opportunities for children to express themselves and develop fine motor skills. Visual art can include painting, drawing and sculpturing. This is a space for inspiration and creativity.


This is a quiet space where children can relax, experience technology and enjoy reading, either with their friends, an adult or simple have quiet time by themselves. 


Contains materials for open-ended exploration. A wide variety of natural materials are often displayed for children to explore (rocks, pinecones, etc.) and other materials such as PVC pipe, magnets and weights.

Outdoor Play Area

We are really lucky to have use of the surrounding Sutherland Memorial Park as a part of our outdoor play facility, and we aim to take advantage of this outside space as often as possible, and as often as our changeable British weather allows!

We also have a secure outdoor area which offers the following outdoor play equipment:

A Monkey Dome climbing frame, bikes, cars, slide and trampoline. We also provide a range of Den building and natural materials, sand and water play.

Messy Play

We do sometimes get a bit messy!  We will let you know when we are planning messy play so you can send your child in with a painting shirt or a change of clothes.

Kaye has personally looked after both my boys over the last 5 years at the new pavilion in Burpham.
Her imagination skills and planning really are second to none. From themed days to celebrations to sports days. The boys have never bought so much imaginative play creations home.

Kaye is dedicated, professional but most of all personable. She has gone above and beyond for my children on a number of occasions. We're so sad to be going to 'big' school in September and leaving Kaye and her staff behind. We wish Kaye all the very best! We know this will be the best nursery in Burpham.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so so much!!! Erica and my two

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